How to prepare for a real estate photographer


Preparing the Exterior for a Photo Shoot:

• Ensure there aren’t any elements that distract the eye from the property.

• The front of your listings are the first things visitors will see, so it’s imperative to get them done right. Consider hiring a landscaping crew to clean up the yard in advance and even spruce them up with some flowers, greenery, and lawn decorations.


Preparing the Kitchen for a Photo Shoot:

• Remove everything from the top and doors of the fridge, including magnets, business cards, photos, etc.

• Clear and wipe off the counters. Clean counters look great in photos.

• Hide dish soaps, sponges and paper towels.

• Set up the kitchen or dining table with nice set of dishes.

• A bowl of fruit or bouquet of flowers presents nice in photos.


Preparing Bathrooms for a Photo Shoot:

• Put down toilet lids.

• Hide any toiletries that are in the shower or bath, as well as on the counter.

• Clean mirrors and any glass surfaces.

• Remove old towels from doors, showers and bathtubs. Hang a new set of towels that coordinate with the paint or tiles.

• Depending on the space, a flower or plant can add a nice touch


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